Audition: Join our team of story-tellers in Copenhagen!

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Join our team of story-tellers in Copenhagen!

Deadline inden d. 1. oktober 2020

Join our team of story-tellers in Copenhagen!

Crossing Borders is recruiting budding young actors and cultural entrepreneurs for its YDMS project.


YDMS is an EU-funded project bringing together four cities - Copenhagen, Leipzig, Potenza and Alicante - to boost cultural life and create entrepreneurial opportunities for young people.

Each city will create an interactive tour covering prominent sights, accompanied by a digital app. At each of the stops on the tour, there will be a theatrical performance bringing the stories of the city to life!

We are looking for creative young people to lead the tours and perform the plays for a one-off performance in November. Training will happen on Saturdays in October. Once the tour has launched, performers will take over the running of the project. The aim is that it will provide income through selling tickets for the tours. The possibilities from this point onwards are up to the group of young entrepreneurs.

Please note that at this stage, participation is voluntary.


Between 16 and 30 years old

Interested in theater, storytelling and entrepreneurship.

Send an email to with a video presentation of yourself (max 4 minutes).

Mvh Tommy Duus

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